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Welcome to our New Online Home

Since officially launching in 2013, Knuckle Kiss has gone from selling exclusively on Etsy and local boutiques and craft shows, to also making a home as a craft vendor at the historic Pike Place Market here in Seattle, WA.

Since Pike Place took us in, we've been able to afford a new ecommerce shop, explore and experiment with new styles, and collaborate with some amazing creatives.

This website, for example, was set up with the help of Victoria O’May, a talented (and very patient!) designer based in Spain.

Local portrait photographer Henry Cotton created magic with our latest look book images. Gorgeous ladies Io and Olive elevated our jewelry with their modeling and makeup wizard Kendall Faith added that finishing touch.

Behind the scenes from the photo shoot with Henry, Io, and Olive:

Photographer Henry Cotton with models Io and Olive

Makeup artist Kendall Faith touching up Olive:

Makeup Artist Kendall Faith with model Olive

Crafter and photographer Emily Ryder shot some delectable product images of our newest pieces. Take a look at the highlights of this shoot in our 2018 Look Book and throughout our site.

One of my favorite product images, taken by Emily Ryder:

Dalmatian Stone & Owyhee Jasper jewelry by Knuckle Kiss

Rather than focus on a thematic collection for the first half of 2018, I decided to make pieces incorporating a new skill I’ve learned in recent years: lapidary, the art of cutting and shaping stone for decorative purposes.

Eye candy! Some yummy stone slabs I picked up from a local rock show:

Genuine stone slabs

Hand-lapped jewelry is labor intensive and my materials are limited, so these styles will only be available in very small quantities. So, if you see something you’ve got to have, get on it! If we are sold out, you can always contact me to see when we’ll have more on the way. Head over to the One of a Kind section of our site to see the new work.

Whether you’re new to Knuckle Kiss or have been rocking our pieces since the start, we hope this new website offers a better shopping experience and clearer insight into the work, intention, and design that goes into creating our jewelry.

I’ll be sharing some behind the scenes posts here on the blog from time to time. If there’s anything you’d like to know about Knuckle Kiss, don’t be shy—drop us a line!

A million heartfelt thanks for your support.  



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