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Please treat your Knuckle Kiss pieces as you would any fine jewelry. While our pieces are built to last, they are still delicate objects.  

  • Keep dry and away from chemicals, cleaning or beauty products.
  • Wipe your piece after use and store in a non-humid environment, preferably a small plastic baggie.
  • Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, bath, pool, or ocean.
  • Remove jewelry before sleeping.

Good storage and cleaning practices go a long way in keeping your pieces in great shape.

Learn more about our metals and the ways we clean them:   


Sterling Silver (aka .925 silver) is an alloy of fine silver and another metal, usually copper. Knuckle Kiss uses US-made sterling silver from recycled materials.

The alloyed metal in sterling silver makes it strong and suitable for jewelry, but also makes it prone to tarnishing.

To clean sterling silver jewelry, wash it with warm water and mild soap. Dry it completely, then gently buff with a jewelry polishing cloth, such as Sunshine brand polishing cloths.

Use commercial solutions, creams, cleaners, or homemade methods at your own risk, especially if your piece contains stones, chain, or other metals. We do not recommend using these solutions with oxidized pieces.


Knuckle Kiss’s gold-fill pieces are hand fabricated from 14K gold-fill wires and sheets. Gold-fill is created using a heat and pressure process to bond 14K gold to a base metal core. The result is a layer of gold much thicker and more durable than gold-plated pieces.

Gold-fill is naturally tarnish resistant and won’t flake or fade. This makes gold-fill an affordable alternative to pure 14K gold and a sturdier alternative than gold-plated items.

To clean gold-fill jewelry, wash it with warm water and mild soap, then dry it completely. Gently polish with a soft cloth.

Please note: Torch soldering is used on some of our gold-fill designs. During this process, miniscule amounts of the base metal core may become exposed in those soldered areas. Those who are extremely sensitive to base metals may have reactions, though we’ve found this to be very rare.


Oxidized sterling silver has been dipped in a special solution to create an aged look. This darkened effect may fade over time as you handle and wear your jewelry. 

To clean oxidized sterling silver, very lightly and gently buff with a jewelry polishing pad or other soft cloth. Take care not to remove the darkened finish. Avoid commercial solutions and cleaners, as they will prematurely strip the oxidation. 

Want to re-oxidized your piece? Get in touch for our rates!


For sterling and brass mixed metals
Follow the sterling silver care for mixed brass and sterling pieces. The brass portions of the piece can be cleaned using the methods outlined in the brass section.

For sterling and 14K gold-fill mixed metals or any mixed metal oxidized pieces:

Follow the care advice for sterling silver or oxidized sterling silver for these mixed metal pieces. If your jewelry polishing cloth contains polishing compounds, use it on the sterling silver portions only.


Brass is a metal alloy made of copper and zinc. All raw, un-plated brass will naturally develop a surface patina over time. This is a normal reaction to oxygen and other elements in the environment.

Many people love the warm, aged look of oxidized brass, but there are ways to maintain a brighter finish. For general cleaning, gently polish your piece with a jewelry polishing cloth. Sunshine brand polishing cloths are recommended. They contain polishing compounds that work well to restore a clean, shiny finish.

For larger brass surfaces or heavy tarnishing, try Bon Ami, Bar Keeper’s Friend or Brasso.

These commercial cleaners work well for heavily tarnished pieces and those with larger surface areas. Follow the instructions for each product. Take care not to scrub chains, stones, or sterling silver portions of the piece.